From selling tickets to running full Virtual Event Experiences, our end-to-end Solutions covers it all

SoldOutt powers 1,000s of on-ground, online, and hybrid events across the world. Our technology is designed to adapt to your needs and scale with your growth.
With tons of integrated features, we allow you to make these use cases possible...
Registration & Ticketing
Create a registration page for your events with multiple ticket types. Sell your ticket with credit card or bank transfer payments. Ask questions you need from your registrant and send tickets along with essential information to them via Email and SMS. Track marketing performance and download your attendees’ data from our central dashboard.
Conferences & Summits
Use our custom-branded platform to handle registration and sell tickets. Send event reminders and tickets to your attendees. Create custom-themed landing pages. Manage event-day on-ground or online check-ins or connect with our integrated livestreaming solutions to create a single-platform experience. Track marketing performance and monitor sales and check-ins in real time.
Workshops & Seminars
Use our platform to handle registrations and sell tickets for the main event pass and multiple sub-sessions. Monitor check-ins in real time and upsell or pre-register exclusive sessions pre-event or on-the-spot. Create seamless on-ground experience with paperless check-in with full access control to all sub-sessions and real-time check-in reports. Or Integrate with our Zoom solutions for a virtual or hybrid experiences that have 1-step joining and full access control including the ability to change display names.
Trade Shows & Exhibitions
Create and sell offline or virtual booths on a custom-themed event website that visitors can easily engage, connect, and exchange contacts. Gather registration and engagement data and share with your event partners. Create, register, and upsell conference and workshop sessions to attract more attendees.
AGM & Voting
Send private and personalized RSVP Emails and SMSes to invite your members, delegates, and executives. Share agenda, forms, documents, or instructions with your attendees to prepare before the event day. Our secure online voting platform allows your attendees to express their opinions, vote on your amendments, nominate or elect representatives or leadership positions. Connect with our integrated Zoom Meeting solution, with roles and access management where you can design customized access and visibilities to each sessions and voting agenda for different roles.
Press Conferences
Send private and personalized RSVP email and SMS to invite your press list and confirm their attendance - online or on-ground. Create integrated private Zoom Meeting session where you can monitor real-time check-ins and control their virtual engagements, including customizing their display names. Our on-site video production teams can provide you with live video feed management, full-scale camera crew, and on-site equipment to create one-stop seamless virtual or hybrid event experience.
Concerts & Festivals
Sell tickets with multiple, dynamic pricing strategies and monitor sales along with your marketing channels’ performance in real-time. Integrate with on-ground or online check-ins that you can monitor in real-time. Upsell merchandise before or during the concert experience. Create livestreams and broadcast your multi-stage show globally.
Award Shows
Use our platform to handle registrations or sell tickets for VIP and General zones for your Award shows, and upsell after-parties. Integrate with our exclusive and custom-branded livestream platform for seamless virtual experience, with custom engagements including Chat and Reactions. Use our video production team to create professional on-ground production for a premium event experience. Use on-ground check-in for offline events capable of badge upgrades in-event. All under full role and access control for both offline and online attendees.
Event Data Analysis
Monitor your ticket sales, registrations, and check-ins in real-time and get a full overview of your attendees’ journey - from top of the funnel to event-day engagement and how they interact with each session. Track your marketing campaigns down to revenue generated from each ad, channel, or campaign. Download your attendees’ data and reports for insights, optimization, or to create lookalike audiences or personalized private sales for your next event.
Ticket Sales & Conversion Optimization
Use dynamic promotions, price tiers, personalized campaigns, and loads of sales-boosting tools to create a fear-of-missing-out effect and trigger ‘buy now’ actions. Accept bank transfer payments for customers who do not prefer credit cards. Our integrated email and SMS pay links will help your customers find it easy to complete sales from any device at any time. Our payment assistance and follow-up services will ensure you improve conversion and gather insights for optimization. Our ticket sales hacking experts will help you plan and launch ticket sales campaigns from our platform to boost your conversions and ROI.
Direct Sales Service
Instead of hiring your own event-specific salespersons, you can simply utilize our Direct Sales Team. They help you reach out to potential buyers in our corporate databases and close sales for high-priced tickets that are not easy to sell online. They also provide insight and feedback on your audience, buying triggers and hindrances in your market and provide strategic input on your campaigns.
Corporate Events
Create a registration page on a branded URL, communicate with your attendees using custom email and SMS sender names, collect data to get contacts from leads and get attendance reports for analysis. Seamlessly connect with our Livestream Solutions - Zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube Live or Private Livestream - to implement roles and access controls or create customized engagement and CTAs. Our video production teams can help you with professional video production both on-site or remotely. Our staff can advise you how to enhance the experience and optimize ROI for your event.
Business Matching
Build a custom webpage with pages for each of your sponsors or exhibitors. Integrate with registration and check-in for visitors including an easy and secure authentication system. Ask questions to find your attendees’ interests and automatically suggest sponsors or exhibitors. Add options for them to schedule calendar meetings on-site at the event or virtually via private chat or video calling sessions. Ensure that your valued sponsors are visible through event sponsor slots and sponsored searches.
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