SoldOutt has everything you need to get unmatched ROI for your event

From conceptualizing to registering your event and selling tickets, from real-time management, all the way to post-event reports and insights that transform how you organize and host events - SoldOutt is the market leader.

Ticketing & Registration

Ticketing & Registration
Free & Paid Tickets

For all kinds of events of any size with multiple ticket types that let you get started in minutes.

RSVP & Private Registrations

Send private invitations or exclusive registration links via email and SMS to your contact groups.

Group Tickets & Corporate buyers

Facilitate bundle-deals or multiple tickets booking for groups, made in one go by a single person.


Select which limited-seat sessions to join in first come, first serve basis

Ticketing & Registration
Upgrades, Upsells, Cross-sells

Let attendees upgrade tickets, buy exclusive sessions, merchandise, vouchers, or anything else.

Import & Integrate

Upload your list of pre-registered attendees or integrate registered attendees with your database.

SMS & Email Tickets

Send Personalized Emails and SMSes to remind your attendees, attach documents, share essential information, and keep them engaged.

Multiple Languages

Work with multiple languages tailored to your audiences - our team will add your preferred local language if its not already available.

Ticketing & Registration

Custom Branding

Custom Branding
Custom Domain Name

Maintain your customers’ trust by starting your event registration page on a URL that you own (eg. book.yourcompany.com).

Custom Sender Name

Customize the email and SMS sender names to reflect your company, and use our whitelisted SMS senders across 3 major providers.

Brand Identity

Use your logo and brand identity on our platform, as well as adjust the look and feel to match your corporate identity.

Sales Hacking & Conversion Optimization

Sales Hacking & Conversion Optimization
Countdowns & Flash Sales

Add countdowns and flash discounts to induce “buy now” behaviour.

Personalized Buy Pages

Private sales pages for your past attendees or your contacts with personalization that increases sales.


Let your attendees invite their friend for a mutual discount.

Campaign Launch Advisory

We advise you from the design of your campaigns to Email & SMS Copy Guidelines, Planning, Executing and Performance tracking.

Sales Hacking & Conversion Optimization
Sales Hacking & Conversion Optimization
Social Proofing

Let your ticket buyers know that someone else is also buying too - which increases confidence and conversions.

Abandoned Payment Follow-ups

Our teams reach out to abandoned payments to gain insights on drop-offs and regularly provide feedback for your ticket sales campaigns and event content optimizations to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Exit Gates

SoldOutt offers pop-up deals and requests contact details that enable our teams to reach out and sell to hesitant buyers.

Direct Sales Service

Our dedicated teams can help you reach out to potential leads and sell your tickets for you.

Marketing Tools

Marketing ToolsMarketing Tools
Marketing Campaign Tracking

Find out which campaign, media, event banner or text is giving you the best performance - from generating awareness to lead conversion as well as sales ROI.

Affiliate/Partner Program

Enable partners and affiliates to sell on your behalf, and track every sale made to know who made you the most sales.

Discounts & Promo Codes

Create discount campaigns or issue special promo codes for percentage-based or value discounts. Leverage both time and scarcity to induce buy actions.

Marketing ToolsMarketing Tools
Add Third-party Tracking Codes

Add your Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel Codes to track and optimize the performance of your marketing efforts.

Lookalike Audience

Track your audience’s journeys, ask questions, get contacts for insights and create lookalike audiences that further increase your sales numbers.

Real-time Sales Tracking

Track your ticket sales in real-time via our end-to-end dashboard.


Credit Cards

Reduce drop-offs by letting your buyers pay on the same page without any redirection, and even enable payments with a saved credit card.

Bank Transfers

Bank Transfer is still the No.1 payment option for many countries, so our platform allows funds to be transferred directly to your account, with our dedicated team verifying transfer payments made to you.

Multi-Currency Support

Our in-built multi-currency support ensures that you can sell your event tickets to a global audience without any issue.

Installment Plans (Beta)

We also offer installment payments for high-price tickets to help make the buying decision easier for your customers.

Unique Short Pay Link

SoldOutt lets you send ticket buyers a handy Unique Payment Link that lets them easily complete the transaction whenever ready without the need to re-enter information again and again.

Payment Assistant

Unsuccessful payments are forwarded to our dedicated support team, who provide assistance to buyers who are facing issues so that no potential customer is left unconverted.



End-to-end Attendees’ Journey Tracking

Track your attendees from the media that they see, when they register or buy, up until the event-day check-ins.

Ask Attendees’ Information

Create questionnaires to get information you would like from your registrants via our dynamic forms, or by requesting file uploads from your attendees.

Post-event Survey

Quickly share a survey that lets you evaluate your attendees’ satisfaction with all elements of the event.

Download Anything

Your data is always yours to use - you can export every screen within our dashboard to Excel for you to use for current or future events.

Event Website

Event WebsiteEvent Website
Totally Customizable

We design and develop dedicated and fully customizable websites to match with your event’s theme and functionality as per the requirement - from a single page site to a full fledged multi-page portal.

Custom Domain Name

Increase credibility and host your dedicated event page on a custom URL with your brand or event name.

Real-time Content Management

Update, edit, or rearrange your events’ Sponsors, Speakers, or Agenda instantly via our dashboard on the fly, up until the event date.

Video & Livestreams

Embed videos or include event-day livestreams on your website with post-event re-runs. Offer your viewers custom-themed live chat, Q&A, or even polls during the livestream.

User Login

Log-in securely with our authentication system with or without password, from anywhere via any device.

Favourite Sessions or Speakers

Let users select and bookmark their favourite sessions or speakers to ensure high attendance and engagement via an easy-to-navigate experience.

Event WebsiteEvent Website

On-Ground Check-in

On-Ground Check-inOn-Ground Check-in
On-Ground Check-inOn-Ground Check-in
Paperless Check-in

Our QR Code Check-in system lets attendees enter with just their reminder emails or e-ticket, or just by saying their registered name, email, or phone number to verify.

Real-time Monitoring

Our check-in dashboard updates in real-time to show how many of your attendees have already checked-in, enabling you and your team to monitor your events from any location.

Staff & Equipment

We provide you with on-ground staff for your offline events to supervise or man any check-in spots so that you have full control of your event.

Badges or Wristbands

We have dynamic modular badges that help check-ins efficiently and are linked with roles & our session access control system.

On-site Upsells

Attendees can upgrade their access or you can upsell exclusive sessions at the event, with real-time updating.

Welcome SMSes

Create a memorable experience for your attendees by sending welcome SMSes and include In-event activities like a lucky draw.

Workshops Booking & Check-in

Workshops Booking & Check-in
Workshop Booking Page

Dedicated page for booking or selling workshop sessions after the attendees have registered to the main event pass.

Instant Upsells and Upgrades

Attendees can register, upgrade tickets, or purchase standalone workshop sessions - all totally online, all the way up until the event date.

Sub-sessions Check-in

SoldOutt gives you full access control for all sub-sessions, for both online or on-site attendees with instant recognition and communication regarding which sessions attendees can access.

Workshop Availability Board

For on-ground events, you can visualize which rooms are still available and how many seats are left with our Availability Board.

Workshops Booking & Check-in

Virtual Events

Virtual EventsVirtual Events
Virtual Events

Zoom, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo, and many more super-scalable and dynamic alternatives can be integrated into SoldOutt as per your event’s design and budget.

Countdown Timer

Attendees see a countdown timer to know when each session is available to join. Use different joining times for different attendee roles to create an exclusive or easy-to-manage event experience.

Online Voting or Auctions

SoldOutt includes a secure online voting module for AGMs or annual gatherings, as well as an online auction platform.

Virtual EventsVirtual Events
One-click to Join All Sessions

SoldOutt supports a single encoded Join Link sent via personalized email and SMS to let users join all accessible sessions.

Create Rooms & Lounges

Create and manage sub-sessions, rooms, and lounges from our admin dashboard for multi-part events, and even assign who can access or upsell your exclusive sessions.

Real-time Monitoring

Our check-in dashboard updates in real-time to show how many of attendees have already joined so that moderators know the right time to start.

Livestreaming & Production

Livestreaming & ProductionLivestreaming & Production
Livestreaming & ProductionLivestreaming & Production

SoldOutt offers a powerful livestreaming solution based on AWS IVS, which ensures private, branded, and hyper-scalable livestreaming with unlimited simultaneous streams and up to 100,000 concurrent viewers.

Custom-branded Livestream Page

Your livestream will be shown on a custom-branded page matching with your brand and event style.

Livestream Sales or Call-to-Actions

Let attendees perform actions like purchasing products or vouchers, making donations, or dropping their contact - without ever having to leave the livestream page.

Chat, Q&A, Poll

Get real engagement via our integrated public chat, private Q&A, or by creating a poll on your custom-branded livestreaming page.

Live Switching

Our dedicated staff can remotely carry out live-switching service for you.

On-ground Video Production

Our fully-equipped and professional video production crew can work on-site or remotely and provide additional equipment like green screens, monitors or LEDs to ensure very high production quality for your desired experience.

Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual ExhibitionsVirtual Exhibitions
Virtual Booths

Sell and manage booths online for your exhibitors that can also be set-up instantly and directly by the exhibitors in a few clicks. Add videos, e-brochures, and offer discounts right from the virtual booth.

Exchange Contact

Add value for exhibitors by letting event visitors drop their contacts in exchange for vouchers or special deals from exhibitors.

Business Matching

Let your visitors and exhibitors search for each other with our dynamic search, which includes scheduling a meeting on-site or in a private video-calling session.

Live Chatting

Let your exhibitors’ staff chat with visitors on the event day.

Video Calls

Add options for pre-arranged video call between exhibitors and visitors on the event date for those who cannot join on-ground.

Sponsored Listings

Increase event ROI by offering multi-tiered sponsors or exhibitor packages with improved visibility and matchability in search results and special visibility spots.

Virtual ExhibitionsVirtual Exhibitions

User Experience

User Experience
Roles & Personalization

Our platform recognizes each individual attendee and their roles to offer a personalized event-journey based on what each attendee can access.


Send reminders before and during each of the event dates to let your attendees have their tickets or access links just when they need it.


Send necessary info, files, documents, and how-tos to your attendees for them to prepare before the event.

Cross-device Compatibility

Attendees can switch the access to the event across devices easily and securely.

Management Tools

Management Tools
Powerful Dashboard

SoldOutt offers one centralized dashboard to view and manage your event tickets and manage contents of your events.

Real-time Check-in Monitoring

Get full visibility of how many attendees and VIPs have already checked in to each session in real-time to moderate your event more effectively.

Attendee Roles & Access Control

Assign roles and choose who can see, and access what and when, including naming, microphone and camera access during online sessions as well.

Special Speaker Page & Instructions

Keep speakers informed and prepared with our instruction page, as well as letting your speakers join the virtual session before your attendees to prepare and rehearse.

Management Tools


Accounting Reports

Track all sales, transactions, and payment info in one place with our detailed Accounting Reports.

Automatic Tax Invoice

Generate automatic tax invoices for your ticket purchasers on your company’s behalf. Use your company and event information, logo, digital signature, along with customizable invoice prefix number.

VAT Filing Ready

Download summarized monthly VAT report ready to attach with monthly VAT filing document.

Withholding Tax

SoldOutt has WHT deduction options for corporate buyers in-built in the system.


SoldOutt offers detailed reports for every aspect of your event to support you with operational and analytical insight, covering everything from sales and marketing to accounting and ticketing - all downloadable and yours to do with as you please.

Custom Integrations
Via APIs and Zapier integrations, SoldOutt can be integrated with over 5,000 services and databases to ensure a single-platform experience that is fully in your control. Our Zoom integrations enables you to host a completely seamless single branded platform experience.
Custom IntegrationsCustom Integrations
Staff Support
With over 1,000+ events under our belts, our team’s experience and enthusiasm will guide you during set-up, help you run your event in the most engaging way possible alongside ensuring a streamlined experience for your attendees. So whether its your first event or your hundredth, our staff will ensure you get the highest-possible ROI and the happiest attendees!
Staff SupportStaff Support
Advice & recommendations

Our experienced team guides and shares best practices all along the event journey, so that you can design and implement solutions as best possible to reach your goals.

Registration Support

Get help with setting up your event registration and onboard your event teams to ensure a seamless experience for your attendees.

Virtual Event Support

Dedicated virtual event teams will help you monitor events and provide support to your teams and attendees if and when they encounter any event-day issues.

Staff SupportStaff Support
On-ground Check-in

On-ground staff for your offline events help supervise or man any check-in spots in a way that is tailored to give you full control of your event.

Video Production Crew

For help with video for livestreaming, our Production Crew can provide fully-equipped, professional video services working on-site or remotely.


Our teams will share insights and data-driven recommendations to aid in optimizing future events.

Coming Soon
We are continually developing innovative features to enhance the experience and performance of all events on our platform. This includes solving new and increasingly-more-challenging problems and incorporating the next-generation of tech.
The features set to to become available soon are listed below. If you become an early adopter, you’re eligible for special discounts!
Coming Soon
NFT Tickets

Bringing blockchain into events, this will be used for enhancing authenticity or opening up resell opportunities. Our tech team is exploring integrating NFT ticketing to enhance the event experience while maintaining ease-of-use for the off-chain world.

Loyalty Program

Organizers who host multiple events will be able to connect different experiences (and their attendee databases) to integrate or create Earn and Redeem points campaigns. They will be able to offer discounts and special deals for their fans across activities or sub-events, as well as the ability to collect points and redeem them at future events.


Organizers can integrate their membership database or create a new platform where they can offer exclusive events that have integrated communications personalized invitations, promotions, and registrations via a dedicated channel.